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August 2014

I'm big in Canada. Listen to my interview on CKNW Radio Vancouver on Monday, August 25, at 12:40 ET. Save the date. We'll be talking about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge... though I'm sure I'll have a couple extra minutes to slip in some thoughts about my attic being haunted by the ghost of Thomas Jefferson.  


July 2014

It only took twelve years, but my first drama-novel, branches, is finally available on-line. (It took a while to translate into English, as I originally wrote it in the less-common Uto-Aztecan language of 'Chemehuevi'.) You can purchase branches for your Kindle, your Nook, your Blurber, your Doodleboop, and pretty much any other electronic device- including calculators and refrigerators.

Here's the book description...

Two worlds. Two murders.
An investigative reporter, obsessed with solving a murder, is led through a mystery that involves deep family secrets and powerful spiritual forces.
Branches is a mystery novel in dramatic form, driven by a unique dialogue style, about love and death and crime and redemption. And it’s also funny.


August 2013

I'm now part of the lamestream media. I am a blogger for the Huffington Post. I look forward to sharing my worthless opinions with the world.

Check out my posts. And feel free to write vicious personal attacks in the "comments" section. It's okay. They're anonymous.


January 2012

Product Details

Big news! My novel is now available on Amazon Kindle. Is that how I word it? Amazon Kindle? Maybe "... on Amazon's Kindle"? Or "... on the Amazon Kindle"? Well, whatever. It's available on (It will be available on other on-line e-book outlets in a few months.)

It is called Believe What You Breathe. It's really good. You'll like it. Buy it. Here's the link...

update: Believe What You Breathe is now available for purchase on the Barnes & Noble Nook.


May 2011

The Webby Awards Logo

The Onion News Network segment, "Police Slog Through 40,000 Insipid Party Pics To Find Cause of Dorm Fire", based on my original idea, has been nominated for a Webby award. (A Webby award is the premiere honor given to the best content and design on the Internet... but you already knew that.) 

You can find our little movie all over the Internet. Or just go to

update: They announced the 2011 winners. We lost. 


April 2011

You don't understand Twitter? Neither do I! You think Twitter represents the end of civilized society as we know it? So do I!

Nevertheless, you can now follow me on Twitter. My goal? Ten billion followers.


February 2011

Alabama Newspapers (AL)

Here is a newspaper article about me. I'm on page 3. 'Chaos in Libya' is on page 4. I'm bigger than Libya!
my mother's response upon seeing the article: "You need a haircut."


September 2010

The election season is heating up.  I did some work for the Georgia gubernatorial* campaign.  My commercials are already running in the great state of Georgia.  I love Georgia! I like peaches and bulldogs and that Ray Charles song.  

And now you know what the Georgia state flag looks like. 

*My 46th best talent? I can type “gubernatorial” without the use of spell check.


June 2010 

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Big news! I have a cool new job. I'm going to China as part of a panda-hunting expedition, in hopes of controlling/reducing the world's panda population. Also, I'm going to be a writer on a brand new show for the Comedy Central network. Details to come.  


April 2010

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Not only is TV a positive influence on teenagers, a healthy substitute to reading, and the birthplace of the Olsen Twins... now there is yet another wonderful thing to love about the small screen. The Onion is coming to television!

Check out the link.


My job will consist of fetching doughnuts for the producers, late night building security (11:00pm- 6:00am shift), and I guess I'll also be a contributing writer.


October 2009



Following in the footsteps of my hero, Mark Twain, I'm one of the new Top Cops In Us Weekly Magazine's popular "Fashion Police" section. My witty (and important) fashion comments will appear in two or three issues a month.    



March 2009






I gave a presentation at Barnes & Noble. Afterwards, I had a chance to meet Noble's mistress. I found her to be attractive, intelligent, and charming.